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TBX Eye Brow Brush

TBX Eye Brow Brush

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This eyebrow brush and comb in one will guide and shape your eyebrows to create a polished look.
Has a magnetic handle.

Why Magnetic? 
Magnetic makeup brushes have many benefits compared to non-magnetic brushes, including: 
- Hygienic storage, no transferring of bacteria or product mess between brushes 
- Less likely to be damaged or squashed out of shape 
- Extends the life of the brush 
- Fast drying after washing 
– Just hang upside down on the TBX Clique Brush Holder! 
- Your whole brush collection can be stored in one convenient and easy to reach place 
- Looks great on display in any bedroom or bathroom 


Magnetic - This brush features a Magnetic Base, which means is can be stored and displayed on any metal surface – we recommend the TBX Clique Brush Holder or the TBX Metal Plate. Synthetic Bristles – Synthetic bristles do not retain as much product as natural bristles, making them ideal for applying liquid or cream products. They are soft, durable, and can be used with most makeup products including powders. - Angled bristles - Use with gel, liquid or powder - Aluminium ferrule