Oscar De La Renta Oscar 50ml EDT (W)

Oscar De La Renta Oscar 50ml EDT (W)

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Oscar Perfume by Oscar De La Renta, Launched in 1977 as the premier fragrance for the brand, Oscar for Women is a timeless, sophisticated fragrance that begs to be worn time and time again. This slightly sharp, delightfully floral blend opens with top notes of basil, coriander, peach, orange blossom, gardenia, and galbanum. A bouquet of jasmine, tuberose, lavender, cyclamen, rose, orchid, and rosemary notes make up the heart of the fragrance, while base notes of carnation, lavender, amber, patchouli, opoponax, sandalwood, and vetiver create a woody, musky foundation that brings a harmonious sense of balance.


  1. Top Notes

    • Bergamot,

    • Clove,

    • Coriander,

    • Cascarilla,

    • Basil,

    • Peach,

    • Orange Blossom,

    • Gardenia

  2. Heart Notes

    • Iris,

    • Jasmine,

    • Tuberose,

    • Ylang Ylang,

    • May Rose,

    • Lavender,

    • Orchid,

    • Broom,

    • Lily of the valley,

    • Galbanum,

    • Honey

  3. Base notes

    • Clove,

    • Sandalwood,

    • Amber,

    • Myrrh,

    • Patchouli,

    • Opopanox,

    • Vetiver,

    • Castoreum,

    • Oakmoss,

    • Cedarwood,

    • Musk,

    • Ambergris