Nivea 75Ml Detox Mask Mattify Peel Off Urban Skin

Nivea 75Ml Detox Mask Mattify Peel Off Urban Skin

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NIVEA Urban Skin Detox Peel Off Mask formula with film forming agent exfoliates skin by removing dead skin cells, dry flakes and urban dirt. The mask instantly refines the appearance of pores and prevents skin problems caused by fine dust, dirt and pollution from the urban environment.

  • Intensively cleanses and removes dirt from pores
  • Reduces excess sebum and oil
  • Leaves skin mattified and radiant


Apply once or twice a week thinly and evenly onto the cleansed face, avoiding the hairline, eyebrow, eye and lip area.

Leave on until the mask has completely dried, approx. 15-20 minutes.

Then gently peel off, starting from the outside of your face and working inwards.

Rinse off leftovers with warm water.