FCUK Him 100ml EDT (M)

FCUK Him 100ml EDT (M)

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Fcuk Cologne by French Connection, Fcuk is a dynamic and provocative cologne . The fragrance was launched in 2004 alongside a feminine counterpart by the same name. This modern and fresh oriental aroma features a wide range of notes throughout the various layers. The composition starts with a fragrant, sweet top thanks to the notes of lavender, basil, herbs, rosemary and sangria. As the heart takes over, the clean, green theme is continued through notes of hemp, sage, tea leaf and green pepper. The classic oriental base creates a warm finish for the intoxicating cologne through notes of patchouli, vanilla and ebony.

This cologne was released by French Connection, a fashion line out of the United Kingdom. The company was originally founded in 1972 by Stephen Marks. It wasn't until 2004 that the brand expanded from clothes, shoes and fashion accessories into the world of fragrance creation. Today the company also offers toiletries and a few cosmetics. This daring fragrance and its feminine counterpart were the first scents created by the brand.



  1. Top Notes

    • Basil,

    • Lavender,

    • Rosemary,

    • Sangria

  2. Heart Notes

    • Hemp,

    • Sage,

    • Tea Leaves,

    • Green Peppercorns

  3. Base notes

    • CO2,

    • Vanilla,

    • Ebony Wood,

    • Patchouli,

    • Black Suede