Escada Island Kiss 30ml EDT (W)

Escada Island Kiss 30ml EDT (W)

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This pleasant combination of fruity and floral scents is perfect for wearing on a sultry summer night.


Island Kiss by Escada Perfume. Enjoy a refreshing burst of tropical romance with every spritz of Escada0s Island Kiss. This fragrance, created in 2004, was inspired by the lush warmth of the Greek Islands. Island Kiss blends exotic floral scents of white flowers, magnolia, hibiscus and passion flower with the sweet fragrances of red fruits, mangoes and oranges. It is packaged in a bottle designed by Greek artists from the island of Mykonos, in a deep turquoise blue that hints of the sea that laps on the island shores.

  1. Top Notes

    • Mango,

    • Orange,

    • Passion fruit

  2. Heart Notes

    • Magnolia,

    • White peach,

    • Transparent flowers

  3. Base notes

    • Hibiscus,

    • Red fruits,

    • Blonde woods,

    • Musk