Elizabeth Taylor Passion 74ml EDT (W)

Elizabeth Taylor Passion 74ml EDT (W)

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Draw inspiration from Elizabeth Taylor, and infuse the essence of Passion in your daily beauty regimen.


Passion by Elizabeth Taylor Perfume. Launched in 1 as the premier fragrance by Elizabeth Taylor, Passion for women bears the inimitable signature of the screen legend and style icon. This intoxicating feminine fragrance reflects its creator0s unabashed zest for life, reputation for torrid romance and quality of timeless beauty. Sensuous jasmine and floral notes take a starring role, with vanilla lending a sweet touch.

  1. Top Notes

    • Bergamot,

    • Coriander,

    • Artemesia,

    • Gardenia,

    • Jasmine,

    • Rose,

    • Ylang ylang,

    • Lily of the valley

  2. Heart Notes

    • Tuberose,

    • Orris,

    • Honey,

    • Heliotrope,

    • Amber,

    • Musk

  3. Base notes

    • Patchouli,

    • Sandalwood,

    • Cedarwood,

    • Incense,

    • Moss,

    • Castoreum,

    • Civet,

    • Cistus,

    • Leather,

    • Vanilla