Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Bamboo 100ml EDT (W)

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Bamboo 100ml EDT (W)

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If you’re looking for a perfume that leaves you feeling fresh and invigorated, then Green Tea Bamboo perfume, by Elizabeth Arden is for you.


Green Tea Bamboo by Elizabeth Arden Perfume. The fragrance starts with base notes of mastic, musk, orris root, and mate. Violet leaves, cucumber, and syringa fill in the middle notes. Bergamot, lemon, and grapefruit are the top notes that bring it all together, for a scent that with energize you long after you apply it in the morning. This pure combination of peace and serenity comes in a bottle stylized by a bamboo leaf against a green tinted background.

  1. Top Notes

    • Lemon,

    • Bergamot,

    • Grapefruit

  2. Heart Notes

    • Bamboo,

    • Tamarind tree leaves,

    • Galbanum,

    • Green tea,

    • Cucumber,

    • Violet leaf,

    • Lilac

  3. Base notes

    • Musk,

    • Woods,

    • Lentisque,

    • Iris,

    • Mate