Elizabeth Arden Blue Grass 100ml EDP (W)

Elizabeth Arden Blue Grass 100ml EDP (W)

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While the rest of the world is changing, sometimes too fast for your own liking even, there are still things that you can control, preserving how you want them to be.


Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden Perfume. Since its re-introduction in 1, Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden has remained true to its original distinctive scent, to assure you that some good things do last. This women’s fragrance features the familiar and comforting notes of orange blossom, lavender and bergamot, resulting in what has become the choice of many from different generations.

  1. Top Notes

    • Aldehyde,

    • Lavender,

    • Neroli,

    • Orange,

    • Bergamot

  2. Heart Notes

    • Jasmine,

    • Rose,

    • Carnation,

    • Tuberose,

    • Narcissus

  3. Base notes

    • Benzoin,

    • Musk,

    • Tonka,

    • Sandalwood