Elizabeth Arden Beauty 100ml EDP (W)

Elizabeth Arden Beauty 100ml EDP (W)

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With its inviting presence, Ardenbeauty is a fresh, green floral fragrance that is as multi-faceted as the woman who wears it.


Arden Beauty by Elizabeth Arden Perfume. Arden Beauty has a floral green scent that makes it a refreshing youthful fragrance for younger women. This fresh fragrance was introduced in 2002 by Elizabeth Arden and features green notes of apple and rhubarb, that evolve into rich floral notes of alluring rice flower and iris. Background notes are defined by warm provocative amber and musk. You can wear this fragrance to class on cool spring mornings, and its alluring warm notes make it suitable for evening wear as well.

  1. Top Notes

    • Living rice flower,

    • Italian bergamot,

    • Green notes

  2. Heart Notes

    • Blue lotus flower,

    • Living gingerlily,

    • Rubrum lily,

    • Golden sunset orchid

  3. Base notes

    • Sandalwood,

    • White amber,

    • Skin sensual musk