Beyonce Pulse 100ml EDP (W)

Beyonce Pulse 100ml EDP (W)

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Beyoncé Pulse possesses an energy unlike any other. It moves through you, around you. Never fading as it surges, pulsates and electrifies. The woman who wears Beyoncé Pulse is impossible to ignore, exuding sensuality and strength.


Pulse is a feminine perfume by Beyonce. The scent was launched in 2011 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Loc Dong and Bruno Jovanovic. Reflective of Beyoncé0s incredible energy and powerful femininity, the fresh notes in Beyoncé Pulse intermingle to create a unique citrus, floral gourmand, anchored by Beyoncé0s favorite flower, the orchid.


Pulse fragrance notes

  1. Top Notes

    • Pear blossom,

    • Curacao,

    • Bergamot

  2. Heart Notes

    • Bluebird orchid,

    • Peony,

    • Night blooming jasmine

  3. Base notes

    • Vanilla,

    • Musk,

    • Woods