Zippo Helios 75ml EDT (M)


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HELIOS narrates a timeless myth: the power of the sun that gives life and power. The virility of a man who encounters the light and the warmth of Helios is embodied with this fragrance in the iconic bottle with the well-known shape of the lighter. A perfume capable of transmitting the power of a deity with its scent.

Zippo HELIOS is aimed at virile and refined men who are always looking for authentic and peculiar elements that distinguish them from the mass and allow them to express their own personality. The design exalts the power and vitality of Helios with its golden and black nuances recalling the radiance of the sun.

The decoration on the front part represents the beautiful blonde hair of Helios surrounded by bright rays. A Greek meander conveys three-dimensionality and elegance, creating a beautiful play of transparencies and depth.


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