Revlon Fire and Ice 50ml EDC (W)

Revlon Fire and Ice 50ml EDC (W)

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An intriguing game of opposites, Fire & Ice cologne for women succeeds in remaining fresh while soothing your senses with its warm amber-centered fragrant blend. The scent opens with juicy tangerine and exotic osmanthus notes, then emerges as a floral combination grounded in magnolia and orchid tones before settling on the final amber aromas. Created in 1994 by Revlon, this fragrance has a comforting quality with a surprising crisp twist, like the fresh taste of icy lemonade by a winter fire.


  1. Top Notes

    • Orange blossom,

    • Osmanthus,

    • Tangerine

  2. Heart Notes

    • Magnolia,

    • Narcissus,

    • Orchid,

    • Tuberose

  3. Base notes

    • Amber,

    • Musk,

    • Incense