Beyonce Heat 100ml EDP (W)

Beyonce Heat 100ml EDP (W)

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Beyoncé Heat is a captivating fragrance that unleashes a spirited fire within. It is a unique expression of a woman0s powerful sensuality: sexy, elegant yet feminine with an air of mystery, this fragrance reflects a self-assured woman, who is not afraid to desire and to be desired.


Heat is a feminine perfume by Beyonce. The scent was launched in 2010 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Claude Dir. Heat is a warm fruity musk; it opens on lots of peach-flavored hard candy over midding-dark, nondescript florals, and is a little loud for a few minutes (the notes: red vanilla orchid, magnolia, neroli, blush peach, honeysuckle nectar, almond macaroon, crème de musk, sequoia milkwood, tonka bean and amber). After that, it0s softer, easier to wear, although the sweetness never dissipates more than slightly. The dry down is a lightly spiced amber-y/woody musk, still quite fruity. It isn0t really creamy, nor is it as edible as it sounds (the almond macaroon is pretty subtle, or else it got beaten into submission by the peach candy).

Heat fragrance notes

  1. Top Notes

    • Red vanilla orchid,

    • Magnolia,

    • Neroli,

    • Peach

  2. Heart Notes

    • Honeysuckle,

    • Almond,

    • Musky cream

  3. Base notes

    • Sequoia wood,

    • Tonka,

    • Amber